Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

With 2020 behind us we look to the promise of a 2021 with significantly less strife, maybe getting to hug friends and family again, and hopefully seeing a stabilizing US economy.

In hindsight I have to say I’m appreciative to of the the many blessings my family has received over the last year despite the pandemic. We’ve been trying to give back any ways we can. One way we found we reaching out to local churches or charities and asking for unique ways to help during the pandemic. We have also looked carefully at the overhead expenses on charities we’ve previously supported, please check these out, make sure the majority of the dollars you spend are heading to those that need it.

Construction-wise this year is full of promise. I’ve received the role of mega projects engineer in this last month and now oversee the majority of the construction on I-95 between Massaponax and Prince William County totaling about 800 million in total construction dollars. With the new role I’m looking at ways to expand my horizons in construction management and with each day trying to sharpen the proverbial knife. With this in mind I hope to pursue some new education over the course of 2021 potentially looking at going back for part time graduate work in a law program.

My eldest son has started school in the 2020 virtual world and has been doing well. In the next semester he should begin work in the GT program, which we are very excited about. He’s just getting into board games and wants to play Guess Who or Candy Land every time I turn around, now if only I could convince him its not always trying to find an edge. The kid is a mechanic at board games always trying to run the table.

My younger son has another year before he starts in kindergarten, hopefully COVID-19 will be under control and we will have the opportunity to let him start in a classroom. He’s been really into collecting bugs, particularly Lady Bugs. His curiosity about everything is only rivaled by his ability to make us laugh even at our most frustrated. The looks he gives are something else.

On the topic of education, I think the landscape of education, much like the physical office workplace, in this country is going to be forever changed, perhaps Sara can expand on this in an article.

So in closing, this year I resolve the following:

  1. To return to the fitness goals I started in 2019 that got a little lax going in to the end of 2020.
  2. To finish my homebrewing equipment builds and to never come to a club meeting without a new beer.
  3. To take the time each week to play some games with my boys.
  4. To take the time to casually talk more with my spouse and break the routines.
  5. To save and invest more than I ever have in my life to date.

I hope that you and yours are safe, happy, and healthy going into 2021 and that the promise of a New Year is not lost in the muck and mire surrounding us right now.

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